About Us

16 years experience

Having worked within financial services for over 16 years, our client’s financial happiness is of the utmost importance to us.


Our background started in insurances for the over 50’s and as such patience and understanding are key to good relationships. We have carried and developed these skills and feel that combined with our understanding of the markets, industry and market leading exclusive rates - we can offer something of greater value to all clients.

We pride ourselves on ensuring our clients are never rushed, nor feel pressurised into doing something they don’t want to or do not fully understand.

Our aim is for you to be completely happy with the work we do, so we work very hard to ensure that your objectives are met.

People, by nature have varied and diverse requirements and we ensure that each client is treated as an individual, and that they are assured the absolute best service possible.we provide our recommendations in a simple but efficient manner and follow a robust and auditable process to deliver the best results at all time.

As a testimony to the work we do for our clients they come back and they refer us to their friends and colleagues.

Our ethos is to add value not cost, to save time on finding your solution, and to deliver on our promise quickly and efficiently.